Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

DIY Mistakes

Just about anyone can build their own website using a number of online services or programs, but a question to ask yourself “Should You?”. As a small business owner, you may be considering creating a website yourself or maybe you have already created a DIY website that isn’t living up to its expectations. 

Your website is often the first impression of your product or brand. Remember, first impressions are everything! If you don’t have experience designing websites, do you think you’re going to do your business justice by creating a DIY website?Obviously, creating a DIY website is going to save you a little money in the beginning, but a well-designed, functional, and effective website designed by a professional, pays for itself many times over. The reality is that your DIY website isn’t doing your business any justice, and it’s probably losing you money by turning away potential clients through common mistakes.

Today we are going to look at common DIY mistakes.

“I just need a simple site!”

The truth is, you don’t need a simple website, you need an effective website. Your website is an opportunity to attract and convert potential customers into paying customers. A well designed, but simple website designed by a professional will drive business your way instead of towards competitors.

Using off-the-shelf templates

Another common mistake made by DIY website designers, is using off-the-shelf templates from a big online “template store”. Obviously it’s going to be cheap, at an average cost of $60-$70 for a finished template, however, it’s going to make your website look generic, unconnected from your brand, and when all is said & done, it looks like hundreds of other websites on the web.

Missing Your Audience

Design is more than just making your design look great. An all too common DIY mistake is designing(or buying a template) that is to the taste of the DIY website creator. The same applies to the use of images, sound & text, while it may be appealing to you, it doesn’t speak to your potential customers.

Difficult to find on search engines

Another frequent mistake is a website that can’t be found! To be successful your website must be able to be found by potential customers. Start by searching in Google(,Bing, or any other search engine) for— let’s say you’re a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy in Los Angeles, search for “bankruptcy lawyer los angeles”. Now look at the websites of all first page results— each of these websites are professionally designed and are optimized for better search results.

Creating websites that are high ranking in search engines is a specialized process that starts from the design and navigation layout of your website. It continues with the right text on your website and finishes with the online marketing & advertising strategy. This process is called SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and this process requires a professional with the right knowledge and tools to bring the right people to your website.

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